Sunday, April 17, 2011

POEA sees South Korea hiring 5,000 Pinoy workers

POEA sees South Korea hiring 5,000 Pinoy workers


South Korea may hire more workers in the manufacturing industry after the conduct of the Employment Permit System-Korean Language Test (EPS-KLT), the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) said.
POEA Administrator Jennifer Manalili said that instead of the original plan of 3,000, Korea’s Human Resource Development Service (HRDS) may allow some 5,000 applicants to be listed in the Roster of Jobseekers as long as they obtain 80 points or higher in the KLT.
Korea’s new qualifying system allows only those who scored at least 80 points out of 50 test items on reading and listening examination, and who are in the top 5,000 to be included in the roster. In the past, the passing score was 120 points.
“Under the new qualifying system, they have the greater chance to be selected by Korean employers in the manufacturing industry,’’ said Manalili.
“But being in the roster of pre-qualified applicants is also not a guarantee for employment because employers would have specific job requirements in hiring workers,’’ she added.
The POEA has set the registration period for the test from April 6-8 in designated areas in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Those applicants who are in active status in the POEA online manpower registry as of March 31 this year are qualified for the test.
Applicants must also meet the minimum qualification requirement to take the KLT, and pay a test fee of US$17 (about P810), said Manalili.
They must also be no more that 38 years old, have at least one year work experience, and present valid documents such as passport.
“Applicant should now check if they meet the qualification requirements and to prepare the documentary proofs for validation of the information they have supplied online to POEA manpower registration system,’’ advised the POEA head.
Moreover, Manalili expressed optimism that the passing rate this year will be better than the May 2007 test results because Korea came up with a KLT reviewer for the language test and the applicants had more time to review.
POEA data showed that more than 21, 000 Filipino workers have been deployed under the EPS since 2004. The implementation of the EPS also contributed to the increase pay for foreign EPS workers from US$640 to US$940 in present job offers, it was learned.
Other countries are playing hosts to thousands of OFWs and their remittances are contributing tremenduously to the national economy. The OFWs are recognized as heroes and are praised abroad for their diligence.

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